We at Spotlight Art Collective, 

are driven by a single goal- 

to do our part in making the world a better place for all through ART

We bring in International artists together by creating  events and exhibitions to showcase their work 


Neha Vipul Bansal

Vijayakiran Kanadam


Exhibitions &  Art Fairs

Art exhibitions and Art Fairs are a beautiful and effective way to showcase the art created by an individual. We organize and curate shows and help connect art lovers and collectors, with the artists

Curated Exhibitions

'Riddle' - Solo exhibition of artist Abhishek U at David Sassoon Library: February 2018


'The Cradle Bond' - Art Entrance gallery, Mumbai- Group show: November 2018


Nehru centre, Mumbai - Group show; Art fair: November 2018


India Art Festival – Nehru centre:  Brought together 7 artists from across India: January 2020


'Stories of Love' - celebrating love through art. 10 artists from across India displayed their works : 12 to 16 February 2020 - David Sassoon Art Gallery, Mumbai

'Bliss' - a display of soulful paintings about motherhood by artists Vijayakiran Kanadam and Neha Vipul Bansal. Online exhibition 10 to 23 May 2020  


At spotlight art collective, we are dedicated at bringing international artists together. 

We are working on an online art gallery where our team of artists would showcase their works for the entire world to view



Abhishek U


Shefta Shifa